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What caused the Liver King eye injury?

Brian Johnson, better known as social media sensation the Liver King, found global fame by promoting a natural and ancestral way of living before being outed as a drug cheat shattered those claims and his reputation. But what are the core tenets of his philosophy, why are his methods so controversial, and why do millions of people around the world still hang on his every word?

Brian Johnson, better known as Liver King, has taken the fitness world by storm with his extension use of social media to promote his unique and controversial approach to health and wellness.

A staunch advocate of the so-called ancestral lifestyle, he has built a global following of millions by advocating a return to primal living, which includes eating a raw meat-heavy diet, intense physical training, reconnecting with the natural world, and a rejection of modern comforts and convenience.

Liver King’s charismatic persona and fringe lifestyle choices have made him a polarising figure in the wider health and wellness community, with many prominent and respected voices calling him out as little more than a snake oil salesman who uses his steroid-sculpted physique to shift sports nutrition supplements. So what’s the real story of the man behind the muscle?

Who is the Liver King?

Liver King, born Brian Johnson – not that Bryan Johnson – is a social media personality and fitness influencer known for his advocacy of the ancestral lifestyle based on nine Ancestral Tenets (see below). He promotes eating raw organ meats, intense physical training and living in alignment with the practices of early human ancestors to achieve optimal health and vitality.

With a background in fitness and a commanding online presence, he has garnered a large following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where he shares his unconventional and controversial lifestyle and fitness routines.

What caused the Liver King eye injury?

Liver King sustained a severe eye injury during an intense physical activity session involving resistance bands. The bands, which were anchored to a doorknob, snapped back, striking him multiple times in the face and causing a retinal detachment and subconjunctival hemorrhage.

This Liver King eye injury incident required immediate medical attention and has had lasting impacts on his vision, leading him to wear an eye patch during his recover and causing concern amongst his legion of fans.

Is the Liver King on the Carnivore Diet?

Yes, Liver King is one of the leading social media influencers, alongside other prominent advocates including Dr Shawn Baker, MD, that follows a version of the carnivore diet, so only eats food and products derived from animals.

His diet is an extreme form of the carnivore diet because it’s especially focused on raw organ meats, such as liver, heart, and kidneys, which he claims provide superior nutrition compared to conventional muscle meats. He advocates this diet as a way to optimise health and performance, drawing on the dietary habits of ancient hunter-gatherer societies.

Does the Liver King use steroids?

Liver King, like other high-profile health and fitness influencers including fitness model Steve Cook, has admitted to using anabolic steroids despite previously building his entire name and reputation on being natural. In a video confession following an online expose he disclosed that he has been using testosterone and other performance-enhancing drugs under the supervision of a hormone clinician.

This revelation came after much speculation and controversy within the fitness community, challenging his earlier assertions of achieving his physique solely through ancestral living and diet.

Is the Liver King legit?

The legitimacy of Liver King is an on-going debate. While his promotion of nutrient-dense foods and physical fitness aligns with some established health principles, his use of steroids undermines his claims of achieving his physique naturally. Moreover, his extreme dietary practices, lifestyle recommendations and sports nutrition supplement range are not supported by all health professionals. Followers should approach his advice with caution and consider a balanced perspective on health and wellness, backed by scientific evidence.

What does the Liver King sell?

Liver King sells a range of supplements and fitness products through his company Ancestral Supplements. These products include desiccated organ meats in capsule form, marketed as a way to provide the nutritional benefits of organ meats in a convenient and palatable format. His product line aims to support those who want to follow an ancestral diet but find it difficult to consume raw organ meats directly.

What are the Liver King’s 9 Ancestral Tenets?

The Ancestral Tenets are the foundational principles of Liver King’s health philosophy. They are:

Prioritising quality rest and aligning sleep patterns with natural circadian rhythms.

Consuming a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods, with a focus on organ meats and raw foods.

Engaging in regular, intense physical activity.

Minimising exposure to environmental toxins and modern pollutants.

Building strong social bonds and fostering a sense of community.

Incorporating cold exposure to boost resilience and metabolic health.

Maximising natural sunlight exposure for vitamin D and overall wellbeing.

Embracing challenges and adversity to build mental and physical toughness.

Strengthening familial relationships and communal ties.

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