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Bryan Johnson: Messiah or midlife crisis?

The tech entrepreneur turned longevity crusader wants to turn back the clock on his life to look, feel and perform like a man half his age. But what’s his real agenda? Just to have smoother skin, a healthier heart and a harder erection? Or is he on a one-man mission to save humanity from itself?
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, writer and author. He is the founder and CEO of Kernel, a brain recording technology company, and of OS fund, an early-stage investor in science and technology companies. He is also the founder and CEO of Blueprint, an anti-ageing project dedicated to stopping then reversing the aging process. He lives in California. Follow him on X, on Instagram and on YouTube. Visit Blueprint.

Bryan Johnson: Under The Skin

American tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson had it all. Money, success, respect. The cars, the clothes, the Silicon Valley superstar lifestyle.

But it had come at a cost. To both his body and mind. He realised that what he really wanted more than anything else – his health and his youth – were gone. Because it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, nothing can stop the relentless march of Father Time.

Or can it?

Johnson decided to find out. So he began a multi-million-dollar one-man mission to create Blueprint, a rejuvenation and longevity protocol, designed not only to his stop his body from biologically ageing but to actually reverse the aging process to reclaim his lost youth. (You can find out more about Blueprint here.)

Last month Johnson turned 46. So what’s driving his desire? Is he just another lost soul in a long line of rich middle-aged men wasting their time and money on an exercise in vanity to look, feel and perform like a man half his age?

Or is his ultimate ambition bigger than that? Is his a trans-generational goal, in which he solves the mysteries of aging and death that have captivated humanity since the dawn of time, so he can live forever in a state of eternal youth?

If so, is Johnson ready for immortality? And what are the implications for his family? And, more importantly, what does his mission mean for you, and for your parents and your children, and for everyone you love and care about?

In an exclusive Under the Skin interview, editor-in-chief Joe Warner flew to meet Johnson at his LA home to discover exactly what drives someone to spend tens of millions of dollars of their own money on a seemingly impossible quest; how he copes with the avalanche of abuse, criticism and ridicule that hits him every time he shares a snapshot of his life online; and what his successes and failures will mean for every single one of us.

You can watch our full Under The Skin video interview with Bryan Johnson above, or watch each of the four individual parts below, beginning with a forensic examination of exactly what his Blueprint longevity protocol is, and why he’s investing millions of dollars per year in it.

Part 1: What is Blueprint?

In the first part of our exclusive Under The Skin interview, Bryan Johnson explains what his Blueprint protocol is and his reasons why he had to create it to save his life.

Part 2: Blueprint and the future of humanity

In the second part of our in-depth interview, Bryan Johnson reveals the impact he believes his Blueprint mission may have on how future generations live and interact.

Part 3: Inside Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint kitchen

When winding back your biological clock becomes your life’s goal, what you eat becomes critically influential. We take a tour of Bryan Johnson’s kitchen, try his meals, and ask him what makes each ingredient so important.

Part 4: Inside Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint lab

We gain exclusive access to Bryan Johnson’s multi-million dollar lab that’s home to some of the latest, best and most-expensive rejuvenation technologies in the world.

Do you think Johnson is a visionary or having a midlife crisis?

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