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Steve Cook exclusive: The truth about me and steroids

World exclusive: The former competitive bodybuilder and cover model turned global health and fitness influencer opens up to Unfiltered editor-in-chief Joe Warner about his experiences of using performance-enhancing drugs and reveals his fears as powerful social media fitness influencers and Hollywood A-listers normalise steroid-enhanced physiques
Steve Cook
Steve Cook

Steve Cook is one of the world’s most popular health and fitness social media influencers. He is a former competitive fitness model. Follow him on X, Instagram and YouTube. Visit stevecookhealth.com.

Steve Cook: I’ve used performance-enhancing drugs

In an Unfiltered world exclusive, the former competitive bodybuilder and cover model, and now global fitness influencer, opens up to editor-in-chief Joe Warner about his experiences with performance-enhancing drugs.

In their honest, personal and revealing conversation, Steve explains why he started taking performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and which compounds he took. He also details when he stopped using steroids and what made him turn his back on PEDs despite the physique improvements. And he reveals the long-term health implications of his drug use and whether he’d do things differently if he had his time again.

Steve also details his experiences of steroids in the health and fitness industry and shares his concerns about how Hollywood has normalised huge, muscle-bound leading men. They also discuss which social media influencers Steve believes are definitely using drugs, as well as which Hollywood A-listers and movies stars use steroids and other drugs to grow huge and lean physiques.

They also talk about the damage being done to young men as the normalisation steroid-fueled continues at a rapid pace, and discuss the potential physical and mental health implications for both men and women of being constantly bombarded with images and videos of drug- and surgery-altered bodies.

Don’t forget you can watch the first part of our interview with Steve Cook, in which he discusses his bodybuilding and fitness model career, as well as the anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia that came with it – and how he overcame his mental health issues to live a healthier and happier life.

“Most major action stars use steroids”

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