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Nobel Laureate Dr Michael Levitt: My COVID controversies

The 2013 Chemistry Nobel Laureate was a popular and outspoken critic of many government and international agency responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. Does he regret his many high-profile outbursts? Or has he doubled-down in the belief that on-going inquiries will vindicate his views?
Professor Michael Levitt
Professor Michael Levitt

Professor Michael Levitt is a biophysicist and received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013. He has been professor of structural biology at Stanford University since 1987. He holds South African, American, British and Israeli citizenship. He lives in California. Follow him on X. Visit the Michael Levitt Lab.

“I was angry with people in my own field… a field that I invented”

Professor Michael Levitt, the 2013 Chemistry Nobel Laureate, has attracted widespread praise and devastating criticism in equal measure for using his high-profile position to air his controversial views, and signal-boost those of others, on many issues relating to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent epidemic.

Three years on, does he regret some of his initial predictions about the damage the pandemic would do? And which of his claims does he remain resolutely convinced will prove accurate once the dust has finally settled?

“I was told to shut-up… The middle classes wanted lockdown”

Twitter, pandemics, politics and woke culture

“One country got it right, Sweden”

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