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women training strength strong muscle victoria felkar fitness

Strong beats skinny: how women can build stronger bodies for a longer life

Victoria Felkar Victoria Felkar is an interdisciplinary researcher and instructor working across the fields of kinesiology, medicine, critical studies and the humanities. Here specific research focus explores women's health and female hormone manipulation within sport and medicine. Follow her on Instagram. Visit victoriafelkar.com. How women should train for greater strength When you’re young it’s impossible…

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Nick Shaw renaissance periodization muscle bodybuilding strength power success muscle

Renaissance Periodization founder Nick Shaw on how to unlock your growth potential

Nick Shaw Nick Shaw is the co-founder and CEO of Renaissance Periodization (RP), an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and the author of “Fit for Success”. He has helped coach numerous world-class athletes including CrossFit Games champions, international medalists in weightlifting, UFC fighters, Olympians and Navy Seals. Follow him on Instagram. Visit rpstrength.com. Nick Shaw: How to…

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Stan Efferding muscle hypertrophy strength gym training vertical diet

Stan Efferding: build muscle, burn fat and perform at your full potential

Stan Efferding Stan Efferding is known as the world’s strongest bodybuilder, being both a world record holding powerlifter and an IFBB professional bodybuilder. He is a leading authority on performance nutrition, and is the founder of The Vertical Diet, a performance-based nutritional framework. He has consulted with hundreds of elite athletes across multiple sports. Follow…

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