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Brian Carroll: The squat world record holder on how you can build serious strength

Listen to the invaluable life and lifting lessons from the first man to squat more than 1300lbs - that’s almost 600kg - then put his advice into action so you too can build unshakable strength and resilience
Brian Carroll
Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll is a retired world-class powerlifter and one of the most accomplished lifters in the sport’s history. In 2020 he recorded the heaviest squat of all time; 1306lbs at a bodyweight of 303lbs. He totaled 2600lbs more than 20 times in two different weight classes and his 60 squats of more than 1000lbs is the most in powerlifting history, regardless of weight class or federation, after David Hoff. A serious back injury suffered when competing for a police academy scholarship led to years of pain and failed therapy until he met world-renowned back specialist Professor Stuart McGill, which led to them co-authoring a best-selling book about Carroll’s return to competitive lifting called “Gift of Injury”. Follow him on Instagram. Visit powerrackstrength.com.

What do a large adult male polar bear, a grand piano, and a 1962 Lotus Elan all have in common?

They each weigh around 1300lbs, the equivalent to about 600kg or 94 stone.

Which also means that the bear, the piano and the seminal sports car could all be successfully squatted by Brian Carroll, the retired powerlifter, author and spine health consultant, who holds the record for the heaviest squat of all time at an incredible 1,306lbs.

Even for serious strength athletes that’s a number that’s almost impossible to comprehend. For a clearer comparison, picture someone squatting with 14 plates each side: they’d still be almost 30lbs shy of Carroll’s record.

As if this wasn’t outrageously impressive enough, imagine achieving it after such a serious back injury you’d been told you’d never lift again, let alone break world records.

In our exclusive and wide-ranging conversation with Carroll he explains how he bounced back stronger from a near career-ending injury to the amazement of everyone concerned, except him, and reveals his mental processes and strategies to make possible such incredible physical feats of strength. He also details his approaches to maintaining optimal spine health so you can avoid so many of the common back problems that cause significant mental and physical health problems.

If you enjoyed our interview with world-renowned spinal health specialist Professor Stuart McGill, you’ll love this masterclass in strength and performance from the strongest man to ever set foot in a squat rack.

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