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Dr Shawn Baker MD carnivore diet meat protein keto steak

Exclusive! Carnivore Diet author Dr Shawn Baker reveals the real reason he lost his medical licence

Dr Shawn Baker, MD Dr Shawn Baker, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon, the best-selling author of The Carnivore Diet, world champion athlete, and the Chief Medical Office of Revero, which provides personalised care for metabolic and. autoimmune conditions. He is a leading authority on nutritional therapy and raising awareness about how it affects chronic disease…

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how often should you train

Use minimum effective dose training to get the results you want

Dr Patroklos Androulakis-Korakakis Dr Patroklos Androulakis-Korakakis, PhD, is a visiting scholar at the Applied Muscle Development Lab at Lehman College, NYC, coach at StrongerByScience.com and Chief Editor of REPS Research Review. He did his PhD on the minimum effective training dose for strength and his research focuses on resistance training for muscle strength and hypertrophy.…

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UK Active Dave Wright Myzone CEO politicians obesity

UKActive’s Dave Wright: Politicians are paying lip service to the obesity crisis

Dave Wright Dave Wright is the founder and CEO of MyZone, a HRM hardware and software solution to track and reward physical activity, and board member of ukactive, the not-for-profit industry association promoting the interests of commercial fitness gyms and community leisure centres. He lives in Nottingham, England. Visit myzone.org and ukactive.com. Westminster and Washington…

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Why did carole hooven get cancelled

Dr Carole Hooven: Anti-masculinity movement is harming boys and young men

Dr Carole Hooven, PhD Dr Carole Hooven, PhD, is a human evolutionary biologist, author, and award-winning educator. She is nonresident senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where she works on issues related to sex and gender, health, psychology, and academic freedom in higher education, an associate in Harvard’s Department of Psychology, in the lab…

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