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Continuous glucose monitors CGM blood sugar level glucose insuline spike

Do you need a continuous glucose monitor?

As the fields of health, fitness, medicine and technology forge an ever-closer union, more products are being touted as everyday life-enhancing services for the general population, rather than life-saving solutions for the sick and unwell for which they were originally invented. Of these new “innovations”, the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) - originally developed for people…

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best supplements for PCOS Drew Baird PCOS mentor

The best supplements for PCOS

Drew Baird Drew Baird is the PCOS Mentor, an online social media influencer and expert in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), offering lifestyle interventions and dietary advice to improve symptoms of the condition. He is a qualified personal trainer and founder of Health and Balance Vitamins. Follow him on Instagram. Visit handbvitamins.co.uk. The science-back supplements for…

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