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Brian Alsruhe: Seek out hard things and suffer your struggles beautifully

The strongman, martial artist and mental health advocate on mindset, motivation and why once you learn to embrace suffering with a smile on your face you’ll start living the happier and less stressful life you want

Brian Alsruhe
Brian Alsruhe

Brian Alsruhe is a strongman, strength coach and founder of online coaching and consultancy website Neversate.com. He is also a bushcraft specialist, martial artist, and former counter-terrorism operative, and is currently studying for a master’s degree in mental health counselling in order to become a licensed therapist. He lives with his wife and two dogs deep in the woods in rural Maryland. Follow him on Instagram and YouTube. Visit neversate.com.

Brian Alsruhe: Suffer beautifully to live a happier life

It’s said that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes.

But you could add another to that list: suffering. At multiple times in your life you will suffer. It may be a small or slight inconvenience, a life-changing event, or anywhere it between. But as sure as night follows day no one goes through life without periods of pain.

While that is inevitable, it’s how we choose to experience that suffering that ultimately defines us – not only through our own eyes and those of others – but also defines the quality – or difficulty – of our fleeting and fragile existence on planet Earth.

So what’s the key to finding lifelong peace and happiness?

You need to learn to “suffer beautifully“. That’s the mantra of strength and mental health coach Brian Alsruhe.

Watch our exclusive video with Brian Alsruhe to discover how you too can suffer beautifully, and start living the richer, happier and healthier life you want.

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