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Dr Susanna Søberg: Take the plunge with cold water therapy

The internationally-renowned expert on thermal therapies explains how deliberate brief exposure to ice baths and hot saunas can improve sleep, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and build resilience, and reveals her hopes that it will also be used as a complementary approach to treating mental illness and addiction
Dr Susanna Søberg, PhD
Dr Susanna Søberg, PhD

Dr Susanna Søberg, PhD, is the founder of Soeberg Institute and The Thermalist Cure. She is a leading international scientist and expert in cold and heat therapy to reduce stress and improve health, sleep and to optimise performance. She lives in Denmark. Follow her on X and Instagram. Visit soeberginstitute.com.

The physiological benefits of cold water immersion

Thermal treatments are all the rage. While saunas have always been a popular post-workout hang-out in all health clubs that have them, exposing yourself to short spells of extreme temperatures at the other end of the Celsius spectrum have only recently grown in popularity.

This is thanks almost entirely to the practice’s warm embrace by the “bio-hacking” movement and because filming yourself submerged in a bath full of iced water looks particularly great on Instagram.

As such, a “macho” aura has surrounded the cold water immersion movement. Yet the practice has been around for decades and even centuries in certain parts of the world, especially in the Nordic countries, where young and old alike swim in frozen lakes even in the depths of winter.

And, according to Dr Susanna Søberg, a leading researcher on the metabolic effects of hot and cold exposure, the physiological and cognitive benefits of cold water immersion, both immediate and long-term, means you too should consider adding the practice to your wellbeing routine.

Find out more about Dr Søberg’s Three-Week Thermalist Cure course to learn to use cold and heat exposure and functional breathing in a safe and healthy way by clicking or tapping the button below.

The cognitive benefits of cold water immersion

How to embrace cold water immersion

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Winter Swimming: The Nordic Way Towards a Healthier and Happier Life, by Dr Susanna Søberg (£25, MacLehose Press) is out now.

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