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Can you really trust celebrity scientists like Huberman and Glucose Goddess?

The rise of celebrity scientist and influencer academics has been one of the most surprising and unstoppable trends on social media over the last few years, with the likes of Dr Andrew Huberman, Dr Tim Spector, the Glucose Goddess, Carnivore MD Paul Saladino and others espousing a relentless torrent of scientific-sounding health, fitness and wellbeing advice. But should you believe everything they say? Or any of it, for that matter? With the tide beginning to turn against the unchecked authority of these so-called health experts, Unfiltered asks two leading industry voices for their verdict on these influencers to help you decide who deserves your trust
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Ultimate Performance, a global personal training gym business with more than 20 facilities in four continents, including London, LA, Washington DC, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong. Follow him on X and Instagram. Visit ultimateperformance.com.

Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD
Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD

Dr Alan Flanagan holds a PhD in nutrition from the University of Surrey, having spent a decade practicing as a barrister before moving into science. He is the founder of Alinea Nutrition, an online education hub dedicated to providing impartial, science-based nutrition reviews and analysis, and is also Research Communication Officer for Sigma Nutrition, creating educational resources on nutrition research topics. He lives in London, England. Follow him on Instagram. Visit Alinea Nutrition.

Should you trust celebrity scientists?

Which celebrity scientists can you really trust? And who are spouting spurious claims to try and part you from your hard-earned cash?

The latest episode of the Unfiltered RoundTable features a no-holds-barred conversation on this and more from a powerhouse duo from the worlds of science and fitness.

Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD, a leading figure in science-based nutritional research and the founder of nutrition education service Alinea Nutrition, joins forces with Nick Mitchell, the entrepreneurial founder of the Ultimate Performance personal training gym chain.

In a controversial and highly-charged conversation steered by Unfiltered’s editor-in-chief Joe Warner, Alan and Nick forensically dissect the views and contributions of some of the most prominent and controversial figures in the world of health science.

The high-profile celebrity scientists and influencers under the microscope include Dr Andrew Huberman, the hugely-successful podcaster and Stanford neuroscience professor; Dr Layne Norton, who built a million-plus social media following for his forthright views and vicious takedowns around nutrition and metabolic health; and Dr Michael Mosley, who found fame and fortune popularising diets based around time-restricted eating patterns.

Glucose Goddess sales spike

Also under the microscope is The Glucose Goddess, who first gained attention for her approach to managing blood-sugar levels, which led to a book deal and then, inevitably, a range of expensive blood-sugar controlling nutritional supplements.

Peter Attia, known for his deep dives into longevity and metabolic health, is also discussed, along with Dr Tim Spector, a genetic epidemiologist who now promotes personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice through his business interest, Zoe.

Leading carnivore diet enthusiasts are also under the spotlight, including Dr Shawn Baker, the Carnivore MD Paul Saladino, and The Liver King, who found fame for claiming to follow a natural ancestral lifestyle focused on eating organ meat, only to be rumbled for extensive use of anabolic steroids.

This conversation is not short of opinions that challenge mainstream views, reinforcing the importance of only following evidence-based practices in your pursuit of great health, fitness and happiness.

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