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Nick Mitchell: Meet the man who reinvented personal training

In his first-ever in-depth interview, the Ultimate Performance founder and CEO reveals his thought-provoking takes on business, bodybuilding, the fitness industry, obesity, social media influencers, steroids, mental health, cancel culture, victimhood and why TikTok is "utter poison"
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Ultimate Performance, a global personal training gym business with more than 20 facilities in four continents, including London, LA, Washington DC, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong. Follow him on X and Instagram. Visit ultimateperformance.com.

Nick Mitchell: Under The Skin

Since opening his first gym in the City of London in 2008, Ultimate Performance founder and CEO Nick Mitchell has built the world’s first – and only – global personal training gym business, with more than 20 facilities and 550 staff across four continents.

From the outside, success can seem to come easy. But in that time those close to him have witnessed his relentless determination and seen the extraordinary lengths, and countless sacrifices, he has made to turn his dream into a reality.

But from where does his drive and desire come? Has he always believed that he could achieve anything on which he set his head and heart? And has he ever wavered from his conviction that taking the road less travelled is the surest path to success?

In an exclusive Unfiltered Under The Skin interview, editor-in-chief Joe Warner flew to Los Angeles to find out about Nick’s younger life, the experiences and role models that forged the man he became, the invaluable life lessons he learned from first building his body and then building a global business, and his hopes and fears for the future.

And with Nick’s unique perspective on health, fitness and obesity – given the tens of thousands of clients who have walked through U.P.’s doors and turned their lives around – their wide-ranging, no-holds-barred conversation also tackled some of the biggest issues affecting society today, including childhood obesity, the Health At Every Size movement, steroid use, cancel culture, victimhood, the impact of social media on mental health, and more.


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Joe Warner, Editor-in-Chief, Unfiltered

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