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Muscle mistakes: what everyone gets wrong when training for size and strength

Chiropractor, bodybuilding and powerlifter Jordan Shallow - aka The Muscle Doc - reveals the real reason you’ve never been able to build the bigger, stronger and more impressive muscles that would transform your body, and explains the smart and simple strategies you should use to start sculpting the physique you’ve always wanted
Jordan Shallow
Jordan Shallow

Jordan Shallow, DC, is a chiropractor, strength and conditioning coach, powerlifter and co-founder of Pre-Script and RX’D RADIO. He works with teams, athletes, and companies all over the world, lecturing, coaching and consulting on applied biomechanics, sports performance, and injury risk management. He currently lives in Miami, Florida. Follow him on Instagram and YouTube. Visit themuscledoc.com

Jordan Shallow: Build lean muscle the smart way

Have you ever tried to add lean muscles to your body, only to be perpetually disappointed to never achieve the bigger, stronger and more defined physique you want?

You are not alone.

But help is at hand in the impressively strong and powerful form – and lazer-focused advice – of Dr Jordan Shallow, a chiropractor by profession and powerlifter by passion, who knows more than most on the big-impact ways to build the body you want.

In our exclusive conversation with the man known online as the Muscle Doc, Shallow explains the big mistake almost everyone makes when trying to add lean muscle mass to their frame, and reveals his tried-and-tested hypertrophy strategies for getting big, strong and attention-grabbing muscles.

Listen to our full exclusive audio-only podcast interview with The Muscle Doc Jordan Shallow on Spotify

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