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The Muscle Doc Jordan Shallow: You’re not working hard enough

The chiropractor, strength and conditioning coach, powerlifter and influencer on why any success worth having requires embracing the grind rather than seeking shortcuts, the pros and cons of the bio-hacking movement, and why authenticity is essential in growing an engaged audience
Jordan Shallow
Jordan Shallow

Jordan Shallow, DC, is a chiropractor, strength and conditioning coach, powerlifter and co-founder of Pre-Script and RX’D RADIO. He works with teams, athletes, and companies all over the world, lecturing, coaching and consulting on applied biomechanics, sports performance, and injury risk management. He currently lives in Miami, Florida. Follow him on Instagram and YouTube. Visit themuscledoc.com

Jordan Shallow: The anti-work brigade blows my mind

In serious strength training circles few voices resonate with as much authority and authenticity as Jordan Shallow.

A chiropractor by profession and powerlifter by passion, Shallow has carved a formidable presence in the health and fitness world, not just through his physical prowess but through his thought-provoking insights.

In our exclusive conversation with the man known online as The Muscle Doc, Shallow explains why at the forefront of his concerns is the pervasive and growing “anti-work” mentality.

Because for him, achieving success isn’t about circumventing the grind; it’s about embracing it intelligently. He argues fervently against the culture of seeking shortcuts, emphasising that genuine success in any arena requires a blend of working both smart and hard.

It’s his raw and unfiltered take on life and lifting that has amassed him a considerable following on social media. In an age where polished personas and rehearsed routines are the norm, Shallow’s authenticity stands out, sharing both his triumphs and tribulations with a dedicated audience that values genuineness over glamour.

Bio-hacking and the basics

And as a passionate observer of the evolving fitness landscape, Shallow also weighs in on rise of the bio-hacking movement, a trend that has seen many enthusiasts seeking ways to “hack” their biology for better performance and health. While acknowledging its potential benefits, he remains wary of its oversimplified solutions, stressing the importance of foundational knowledge.

We also discuss the meteoric rise of social media as a primary source for health and fitness information. Does the democratisation of knowledge outweigh the sheer volume of overwhelming information – and misinformation – now at our disposal? And just how damaging is the constant bombardment of men and women in phenomenal shape doing phenomenal things on social media to our own sense of happiness and self-worth?

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