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Judd Lienhard: Believe you’re an athlete to unlock optimal performance

The former US Army Ranger turned performance coach reveals his hard-won advice on how you can optimise not only your speed, strength and power, but also your confidence and motivation to make every single day count
Judd Leinhard
Judd Leinhard

Judd Lienhard is founder of MASS Method, a dynamic workout programme designed to increase movement, athleticism, strength and speed. He is a father, former US Army Ranger, has worked as a speed and performance coach in Austin, Texas since 2012, and lives by his ethos of “Always Be An Athlete”. Follow him on Instagram. Visit juddlienhard.com.

Judd Leinhard: Act as an athlete to win at life

In what’s generally regarded as one of the ultimate expressions of athleticism, Muhammad Ali in his prime could “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.  

It’s rare to see a 260lb (118kg) man who looks like a bodybuilder but moves like a ballerina. It’s rarer still – and perhaps even unique – when that man is a father and combat veteran in his mid-forties with a demanding full-time job. 

Enter Judd Lienhard, the former collegiate athlete and US Army Ranger officer turned speed and performance coach. 

In an Unfiltered exclusive, we speak to Lienhard to discover his remarkable story from growing up in rural Missouri, through his collegiate American football career, his time as an elite solider, right up to today, and his work with athletes – Lienhard believes everyone is an athlete regardless of competitive status – of all ages. 

We learn the secrets of his remarkable rise in social media popularity, swelling his follower count on Instagram from fewer than 10,000 to almost 600,000 people in just a few months, and his transformative exercise and coaching techniques that have captured the attention of fitness enthusiasts around the world. 

We also delve deep into Leinhard’s philosophy of “Always Be An Athlete”, exploring how his years of varied experience – and over 34,000 training hours as a coach across various demographics – shape his innovative training methods. We also discover the secrets behind his MASS Method, a holistic program emphasising movement, athleticism, strength, and speed, designed to enhance athletic performance, increase muscle mass and promote longevity.

Leinhard shares personal stories from his military service where he earned a Bronze Star for his bravery, and discuss how these experiences have influenced his approach to training and life. His candid reflections on the impact of military life, combined with his professional insights, provide a unique perspective on resilience and personal growth.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, this interview has something for you. Packed full of Leinhard’s practical advice on staying motivated, overcoming challenges, and achieving peak performance, don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the most dynamic coaches in the industry as he shares tips that are as applicable to life’s battles as they are to sport and fitness.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Judd Lienhard on Spotify

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