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Jay Ferruggia: Be a master storyteller and find success in all you do

Confidence doesn’t come naturally to most of us, but some simple tweaks to how you talk to yourself and others can instantly elevate your self-belief so you start living the more successful personal and professional life you want
Jay Ferruggia
Jay Ferruggia

Jay Ferruggia is an elite fitness and mindset coach and a pioneer of underground, warehouse-style gyms using unconventional training methods, opening his Renegade Gym in 1996. He’s consulted for sports teams and corporations, including the New York Jets and Giants, WWE, and SalesForce, and worked as an adviser to LiveStrong and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
He wrote The Hardgainer column in Men’s Fitness for more than a decade and since 2013 he’s hosted the weekly Renegade Radio podcast where he discusses all things fitness and personal development. Follow him on Instagram and X. Visit JasonFerrugia.com or Renegade Radio Podcast.

Jay Ferruggia: How to build life-changing confidence

“You can improve in anything; you just need to be proactive about it.”

Confidence is the cornerstone of success in any personal, professional and performance endeavour.

But many of us get caught in a vicious cycle of telling ourselves what we can’t do, rather than what we can. And we repeatedly talk ourselves down in a way that we would never dare dream of speaking to our friends, family or colleagues.

This was the case for leading strength coach Jay Ferruggia who, despite his many successes in his 30-year coaching career, wasn’t always the calm, collected and confident man we meet in our exclusive Unfiltered interview.

In the first part of our wide-ranging conversation, Ferruggia explains how he built unwavering confidence and self-belief in his own abilities which propelled him to success, and how you can learn to become a master storyteller to take back control of your internal narrative to start living the life you’ve always wanted.

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