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Grenade Oreo protein bar nutrition muscle diet health snack

Grenade Oreo review: Does this new protein bar explode with taste?

Grenade Oreo bars are billed as the dream muscle-building combo of high-protein snack with legendary chocolate bar. But how did this fantasy collaboration come about, where can you get your hands on one and, most importantly, is a Grenade Oreo protein bar as good as it sounds?

Vacuum cleaners and Hoover. Hot tubs and Jacuzzi. Plastic containers and Tupperware. Fake grass and Astroturf. Disposable pens and Biro.

When a brand becomes not only synonymous for a product but the name by which it’s best known, it’s achieved something very special.

Now we can add to that household name list “protein bars and Grenade”, such is the dominance and ubiquity of the company’s flagship high-protein product.

Thanks to it’s Carb Killa range of protein bars, Grenade has become the trail-blazing sports nutrition and dietary supplementation company to transition from the fringes serving a small but loyal audience of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to a mass market lifestyle brand enjoyed by people who’ve never set foot in a gym, let alone lifted a weight.

Other brands trying to follow in Grenade’s wake and take advantage of the high-protein product craze and demand for healthier and more convenient nutrition solutions include greens powder pioneer, AG1, sports nutrition manufacturers Applied Nutrition and Bulk Powders, performance energy drink company Nocco, and meal replacement companies such as Huel and yfood.

Yet no one has come close to having Grenade’s impact, in no small part because it makes the tastiest protein bars around. Its latest product innovation, an Oreo high-protein bar – the first in an expected extensive range of product collaborations with Grenade’s new owner, American snack giant Mondelez after its £200-million takeover in 2021 – has only cemented its reputation as not only a supplement industry disrupter, but now a company set to shake up the entire confectionery market too.

What are Grenade Oreo bars?

Grenade Oreo bars are a high-protein, low-sugar chocolate bar that combines the distinctive taste of Oreo cookies with the nutritional benefits typically found in protein bars. They are designed to provide a satisfying snack option that supports muscle recovery and satiety without compromising on taste. Each bar is layered with a rich, chocolatey coating, a creamy filling, and crunchy Oreo pieces, making them an appealing choice for anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to increase their protein intake or reduce their sugar consumption.

When did Grenade Oreo bars launch?

Grenade Oreo bars were introduced in early 2022, making a significant splash in the fitness and health food sector. Their launch was highly anticipated, following teasers and promotions that highlighted the first-of-its-kind collaboration between a sports nutrition supplement company in Grenade and a globally-renowned confectionery brand in Oreo.

Grenade Oreo bars launched in 2022 and each one contains 20g of protein. A white chocolate Grenade Oreo bar is now also available

Where you I buy Grenade Oreo protein bars?

You can grab a Grenade Oreo bar almost everywhere you can buy confectionery, such as large supermarkets as well as smaller independent convenience stories, and high street health food shops. If you’re serious about indulging your sweet tooth and adding more protein to your diet, your best and cheapest bet is to buy in bulk online, with retailers such as Amazon often promoting Grenade Oreo and Grenade Oreo White bars at a special discount.

How much protein is in Grenade Oreo bars?

Each Grenade Oreo bar contains approximately 20g of protein, which is ideal for post-workout recovery or as a satisfying snack that aids in muscle maintenance and growth. The protein content is sourced from high-quality milk protein, providing both a quick and extended release of amino acids essential for muscle repair and building.

What ingredients are in Grenade bars?

The primary ingredients in Grenade bars include milk protein blend, cocoa mass, Oreo cookie pieces, sweetener (maltitol) and vegetable oils. They are crafted to keep sugar content low while ensuring the flavour profile remains high, offering a nutritious alternative to traditional chocolate bars and other types of sugary snacks.

Are Grenade Oreo bars healthy?

Grenade Oreo bars are considered healthy within the context of a balanced diet. They offer a high-protein, low-sugar alternative to conventional snack options, which is beneficial for maintaining muscle mass and reducing cravings. However, like all foods, they should be consumed in moderation alongside a varied diet.

Grenade’s range of Carb Killa protein bars are available in more than 12 flavours, including Birthday Cake

What other flavours of Grenade protein bars are there?

Grenade offers a wide range of protein bar flavours beyond the Oreo collaboration. These include popular choices such as Carb Killa Salted Peanut, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate Salted Peanut, and Birthday Cake, each designed to cater to different taste preferences while providing nutritional benefits.

Who makes and owns Grenade bars?

Grenade Oreo bars are produced by Grenade, a very popular and successful sports and lifestyle nutrition brand known for its extensive range of high-protein, low-sugar snacks and supplements. Grenade is now owned by the American snack conglomerate Mondelez, which also owns the Cadbury’s and Oreo confectionery brands, and greater collaboration between the Mondelez brands led to the creation of the bar.

A white chocolate Oreo bar soon followed, and Alan Barratt, the founder of Grenade, has hinted on LinkedIn that many more similar collaborations are expected in the coming months and years. This would allow Grenade to launch more mainstream lifestyle flavour options to continue to grow its market share, whilst allowing Mondelez to move more of its popular sweet and chocolate brands into high-demand high-protein product markets.

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