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Bulk Powders protein product range supplements health fitness

Bulk Powders review: Pack on muscle without breaking the bank

The rapid growth of Bulk Powders from plucky upstart to challenger brand to industry trail-blazer has been fuelled by its focus on taste, cost and an ever-expanding product range, so should you start stocking up on Bulk to build a bigger, stronger and fitter body?

In the competitive world of sports nutrition, Bulk Powders has carved out a significant market share as a one-stop-shop for athletes, bodybuilders, and health conscious fitness enthusiasts wanting quality supplements at affordable prices.

Alongside other industry-disrupting companies in this space, such as Grenade, which found international success with his Carb Kills protein bars, Athletic Greens with its multivitamin greens powder AG1, meal replacement shake and bar companies Huel and yfood, and sports supplement manufacturers Nocco and Applied Nutrition, Bulk Powders has set its sight on further national and international growth with its ever-expanding range of protein powders, pre-workouts, vitamins and minerals, and other products, including nut butters, egg whites and even fish jerky.

Here’s what you need to know about Bulk and its products to make the most informed supplement decisions to look, feel and perform better.

Bulk Powders has grown rapidly thanks to its direct-to-consumer sales model and focus on price, taste and it ever-expanding product range, which now features more than 250 different items

What is Bulk Powders?

Bulk Powders, now rebranded as Bulk™, is an Essex-based company that manufactures and sells direct to consumers a wide range of dietary and sports nutrition supplements as well as snacks, ingredients and food products designed for health and fitness enthusiasts. Founded in 2005, the company initially offered specialist bodybuilding supplements, especially whey protein, but has since expanded its product range significantly. Bulk has grown substantially, taking advantage of TikTok and other new social media platforms, to become one of the UK’s most popular and successful sports nutrition brands, increasing sales 30% in its last financial year to £123m.

What products does Bulk Powders sell?

The company now boasts an extensive range of products that includes protein powders, pre-workout formulas, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Bulk also offers specific and seasonal lines, including vegan supplements, diet and weight management formulations, and goal,-orientated health and performance supplements for an extensive variety of dietary needs and fitness goals.

What’s in Bulk Powders products?

The ingredients included are specific to the product in question. For example, their protein powders will include one or more type of protein, such as fast-acting whey, slow-release casein, or plant-based proteins such as pea and rice protein for vegan customers. Other products might contain creatine for energy, amino acids for muscle repair, or fibre and essential nutrients for overall health. Bulk claims every single product in its range is formulated with attention to purity and effectiveness, incorporating ingredients that align with current nutritional science. Bulk’s products are approved by Informed By Sport, the independent quality control and testing company, so don’t contain any banned or illegal compounds or substances.

Are Bulk Powders products cheap?

The company has built a reputation and financial success by focusing on a large product range at low prices with good availability. Prices obviously depend on the product type and package size but are generally considered very competitive within the supplement market. Bulk often also sends promotions and discounts to its email database, so sign up if you want to receive these special offers. Other advantages include a 45% discount to all students, and free delivery on orders over £39, with next-day delivery on orders placed by 9pm.

Who is a typical Bulk Powders customer?

The company launched targeting serious gym goers who wanted to build bigger, stronger and leaner physiques, but it has since increased its product range capitalise on health and fitness going mainstream and attract more customers. Bulk now offers a range of cupboard essentials, such as peanut butter, seeds, nuts and dried fruits, in addition to its high-protein and other bodybuilding-focused products.

Where can I buy Bulk Powders?

Bulk sells it product range online, primarily through its website, which serves the UK and most of Europe, through a recently opened distribution centre in Poland. Bulk products can be bought through other websites, including Amazon.

Who owns Bulk Powders?

The conpany was founded by two friends, Adam Rossiter and Elliot Dawes, while they were still students at Essex University. Their goal was to offer quality sports nutrition products directly to the consumer, cutting out the middleman, and passing the savings on to the customers. This direct-to-consumer model has been a key factor in the company’s success.

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