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Exposed: The truth about personalised nutrition and celebrity scientists

The promise of personalised nutrition is that knowing exactly what you should eat and when will empower you to look, feel and perform at your best. But has the science been sugar-coated to make the costs easier to swallow? Are these expensive services no more than a clever marketing play to separate the “worried well” from their hard-earned cash? And should the celebrity scientists and academics using their prestigious platforms to promote these health and wellbeing services be held to greater account? Unfiltered asks two of the most trusted names in fitness and science for their verdict on this and more
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Ultimate Performance, a global personal training gym business with more than 20 facilities in four continents, including London, LA, Washington DC, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong. Follow him on X and Instagram. Visit ultimateperformance.com.

Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD
Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD

Dr Alan Flanagan holds a PhD in nutrition from the University of Surrey, having spent a decade practicing as a barrister before moving into science. He is the founder of Alinea Nutrition, an online education hub dedicated to providing impartial, science-based nutrition reviews and analysis, and is also Research Communication Officer for Sigma Nutrition, creating educational resources on nutrition research topics. He lives in London, England. Follow him on Instagram. Visit Alinea Nutrition.

The Round Table Episode 1: Personalised nutrition and celeb scientists exposed

Is following a personalised nutrition plan essential to look and perform at your best? These expensive services, which give you an exact meal-by-meal breakdown of what you should eat each day and when, based on a number of tests including blood work and stool samples, have taken the health and fitness world by storm, promising to provide you with the precise nutrition you need to perform at your highest level.

But are they all they’re cracked up to be? Will following your own bespoke eating plan unlock previously unimaginable health and happiness gains? Or are they simply yet another clever marketing tool using sugar-coated science to separate the “worried well” from their hard-earned cash?

Some of the most high-profile personalised nutrition services are owned or heavily endorsed by leading scientists and academics who use their prestigious platform to espouse the seemingly endless advantages to you of having a truly unique diet plan. Is it time to put these celebrity scientists under the microscope and ask whether they have your health, or their own financial interests, at heart?

The latest episode of the Unfiltered Round Table features a no-holds-barred conversation on these two big talking points from two of the world’s most respected authorities from the worlds of science and fitness.

Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD, a leading figure in science-based nutritional research and the founder of nutrition education service Alinea Nutrition, and Nick Mitchell, the entrepreneur founder of Ultimate Performance.

In a controversial conversation hosted by Unfiltered’s Joe Warner, Dr Flanagan and Mitchell forensically dissect the claims of the main personalised nutrition services, before turning their critical attention to the most popular, high-profile and influential figures in field of health science.

The celebrity scientists and influencers under the microscope include Dr Andrew Huberman, a Stanford professor of neuroscience and a hugely-successful podcaster; Dr Layne Norton, PhD, who attracted a significant social media following for his unapologetic views on bad science and vicious takedowns of who he deems bad actors; and Michael Mosley, who made his name promoting time-restricted eating habits for weight loss; as well as The Glucose Goddess, Shawn Baker, Paul Saladino and Dr Tim Spector.

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