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Applied Nutrition sports supplements training gym health fitness wellness

Applied Nutrition review: Hitting your health and fitness goals never tasted so good

With sports nutrition supplements moving out of the shadows targeting a small niche audience into a mass market industry worth billions of dollars per year, many UK-based brands have grown exponentially as purveyors of dietary supplements and products. Of these companies, protein bar manufacturer Grenade has had the biggest impact, and in becoming a widely…

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Bulk Powders protein product range supplements health fitness

Bulk Powders review: Pack on muscle without breaking the bank

In the competitive world of sports nutrition, Bulk Powders has carved out a significant market share as a one-stop-shop for athletes, bodybuilders, and health conscious fitness enthusiasts wanting quality supplements at affordable prices. Alongside other industry-disrupting companies in this space, such as Grenade, which found international success with his Carb Kills protein bars, Athletic Greens…

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