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What are ACV gummies?

Apple cider vinegar gummies have soared in popularity thanks to widespread promotion by social media influencers and claims they offer all the weight loss and other health benefits of liquid ACV but in a tiny, tasty and convenient treat. But does the science stack up? Or are ACV gummies little more than an expensive gimmick?

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What are ACV gummies?

ACV gummies are dietary supplement that aims to deliver the purported health benefits of apple cider vinegar without the strong acidic taste and smell many people struggle with.

These gummies are infused with a highly concentrated form of apple cider vinegar and also often contain other ingredients not found in the liquid form of the vinegar, including vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts and natural or artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives.

Ultimately, ACV gummies are billed as a quicker, easier and tastier way to consume the alleged health benefits of apple cider vinegar on a more consistent basis.

What’s in ACV gummies?

The primary ingredient in ACV gummies is a powdered form f apple cider vinegar, which is derived from the fermentation of apple juice. The powder retains the main active component (acetic acid) which is touted as responsible for many of the health benefits attributed to ACV.

Some brands of ACV gummies also contain other health-boosting substances in their formulations, including vitamin B12, folic acid or vitamin C. To counteract the natural tartness of the vinegar, sweeteners such as glucose syrup and natural and artificial sugars are often added to improve the flavour, while other flavourings and colourings are used to make the gummies more appealing.

What health claims do ACV gummy brands make?

Manufacturers often tout a variety of health claims. Amongst the most common are promises of aiding weight loss, improving gut function and digestive health and contributing to better blood sugar management.

Some products are also said to support heart health and enhance energy levels. These claims are linked to the purported benefits of apple cider vinegar itself, which has been used historically as a home remedy for various ailments.

Does the scientific literature support these health claims?

Apple cider vinegar has been long studied for its potential health benefits, but research specifically examining ACV gummies is far less robust. Some studies suggest that acetic acid in apple cider vinegar can help lower blood sugar levels post-meal and may aid in weight management, yet these studies focus on liquid vinegar.

The concentration of apple cider vinegar in gummies varies significantly, and the presence of additional sugars and ingredients may dilute or alter the effects. Therefore, while there is some scientific backing for the benefits of apple cider vinegar, translating these findings directly to gummies is not straightforward because of the differences in composition and dosage.

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