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Steve Cook: What you see online rarely mirrors reality

The social media sensation reveals how he deals with the pressure of living his life in the spotlight, including battling his demons around burn out, imposter syndrome, body image pressure, and the emotional damage caused when you base your entire sense of self-worth on the throwaway comments of strangers
Steve Cook
Steve Cook

Steve Cook is one of the world’s most popular health and fitness social media influencers. He is a former competitive fitness model. Follow him on X, Instagram and YouTube. Visit stevecookhealth.com.

Part 1: Steve Cook on social media stardom

College football star, champion physique athlete, international cover model, and social media superstar. There’s not many things Steve Cook tries that doesn’t result in huge success.

At least from the outside. Throughout the prism of Instagram, he’s living the perfect live and his legion of fans adore him.

But does the reality mirror what it’s really like to live under that social media spotlight? Or he is just as affected by some of the negative impacts of living your life online that we all suffer?

In a hugely honest and revealing Unfiltered conversation Steve opens up about his life, his loves and his legacy, including how he bounced back from getting burned out by the challenges of satisfying the relentless demands of creating new content; his mental health struggles as COVID-19 restrictions kept him and wife Morgan continents apart; the internal pressure he put on himself by seeking external validation for how he looked with his shirt off; and the body dysmorphia and eating disorders issues that are prevalent in the health and wellness industry.

He also explains why his new-found love for golf is the greatest metaphor for a life well lived: the more effort you put in, the more joy you get back.

Part 2: Steve Cook on getting burned out with social media

Part 3: Steve Cook on suffering from imposter syndrome

Part 4: Steve Cook on body image pressure

Part 5: Steve Cook on the dangers of chasing external validation

Part 6: Steve Cook on body dysmorphia and disordered eating

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