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Steve Cook: Most A-list action heroes are on steroids

Exclusive: former bodybuilder turned cover model and fitness influencer star Steve Cook reveals which A-list actors are on anabolic steroids, how unrealistic body images and beauty standards are damaging everyone exposed to them, and details how his own use of performance-enhancing drugs impacted his life and career, leading to battles with body dysmorphia, disordered eating and rock bottom self-esteem
Steve Cook
Steve Cook

Steve Cook is one of the world’s most popular health and fitness social media influencers. He is a former competitive fitness model. Follow him on X, Instagram and YouTube. Visit stevecookhealth.com.

Steve Cook: The Rock is not natural

From The Rock’s famous physique to the Kardashian cartoonish curves, unbelievable bodies are everywhere we look.

But can you really believe what you’re seeing on your screen is natural, and the genuine result of great genetics and an amazing work ethic? Or are most of these ubiquitous beautiful bodies enhanced by surgery or performance-enhancing drugs?

Someone who knows more than most about building the perfect physique – and living under a constant cloud of pressure and anxiety to maintain that cover model body – is former bodybuilder, fitness model and influencer Steve Cook.

In a world exclusive interview with Unfiltered’s editor-in-chief Joe Warner, Steve Cook reveals the shocking truth about the unrealistic body images that dominate social media and the silver screen and expresses his concerns about how this constant exposure is impacting the confidence and self-consciousness of men and women, young and old, to consider using drugs or undergo surgery.

He also reveals his own use of performance-enhancing drugs, why he used them, how they affected him, and why he made the decision to give them up to pursue a natural fitness philosophy.

With the use of anabolic steroids and cosmetic surgeries to achieve the “perfect” body far more common that many of us think, Steve kick-starts a vital conversation about authenticity in health and fitness – something that is all too often missing from most influencer social media accounts – and the very real and very damaging reality of chasing perfection at all cost.

Steve Cook: I’ve used performance-enhancing drugs

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