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Dr Stacy Sims: Why women should never train on an empty stomach

The world-renowned exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist reveals the real reason why women should never exercise in a fasted state, and why women who want optimal performance should reappraise one of the most popular post-workout recovery protocols because they get a different physiological response to men
Dr Stacy Sims, PhD
Dr Stacy Sims, PhD

Dr Stacy Sims, PhD, is an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionise exercise nutrition and performance for women. She has published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers, and authored female-focused performance optimisation books, Roar, and Next Level, which challenge the existing dogma around exercise, nutrition, and health for women. She regularly speaks at professional and academic conferences, including those by USOC and USA Cycling. She lives in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Follow her on X and Instagram. Visit drstacysims.com.

“Women should never exercise fasted”

Dr Stacy Sims has a very simple but effective message: “Women are not small men.”

But there’s the problem. The New Zealand-based exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist aims to revolutionise exercise, nutrition and performance for women and to that end has published more than 70 peer-reviewed papers.

But the biggest obstacle to overcome to better understand female performance physiology is that the overwhelming majority of research done to date is data collected and analysed from studying men.

While female-focused research is a drop in the ocean compared with the great depths of data that exist on male training, nutrition and recovery, Dr Sims’s findings on optimal performance for women are already making waves, not least that women – unlike men – should never exercise on an empty stomach.

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Next Level: Your Guide to Kicking Ass, Feeling Great, and Crushing Goals Through Menopause and Beyond by Dr Stacy Sims (£18.99, Rodale) is out now.

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