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Joe DeFranco exclusive: how to live stronger for longer!

The legendary coach and trainer reveals to Unfiltered the training, nutrition and recovery protocols he's used and refined in almost three decades of world-leading coaching to empower countless household-name athletes and A-list celebrities, as well as tens of thousands of ordinary Joes, to build the bigger, stronger and leaner bodies they’d always wanted, and helped them unlock their maximum performance potential
Joe DeFranco
Joe DeFranco

Joe DeFranco is a world-renowned personal trainer and educator with more than 27 years of experience in the health, fitness and sports performance industry. His client list includes NFL players from all 32 teams, WWE Hall of Fame wrestlers, UFC fighters and SWAT team operators, and he’s the host of the chart-topping fitness podcast the Industrial Strength Show, with seven million downloads and counting. Follow him on Instagram and join with his Team Forever Strong training community on the TrainHeroic app. Visit defrancostraining.com.

Fitness legend Joe DeFranco: look, feel and perform better than ever!

As the old adage goes, from little acorns grow mighty oaks.

DeFranco’s Training Systems began life in a 500 square foot gym (AKA a backroom storage closet), and has grown into one of the most successful and highly regarded brands in the fitness and sports performance industry.

Spear-headed by Joe DeFranco, a world-renowned personal trainer and educator with more than a quarter of a century’s experience in the fitness and sports performance arena, with a client list a who’s who of household names, including players from all 32NFL teams, WWE wrestlers and UFC fighters.

In our full and frank conversation with Unfiltered’s contributing editor Dr Jonny Rees, PhD, DeFranco, a refreshingly straight-talking New Jersey native, explains how what seemed like a disaster at the time – his own career-ending injury – helped make him the world-renowned coach he is today.

Fully loaded with advice applicable both inside and outside the gym, gain insight directly from the man behind some of the world’s most impressive athletes. We hear how there are no mandatory exercises, what it takes to be a successful coach, and what you do with your shopping cart says about your approach to life.

Many of the lessons and insights you’ll gain from this one transcend the fitness industry, and will benefit anyone who wants to squeeze every single drop of joy, satisfaction and pride from their time on this planet.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Joe DeFranco on Spotify

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