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Jay Ferruggia: Is over-thinking your training and nutrition killing your progress?

The leading strength and mindset coach reveals his tried-and-tested tactics on the smarter ways to eat, train and recover so you can achieve your physique and performance goals, and reveals the simple steps you can take to eliminate everyday stress to live a fitter, healthier and happier life
Jay Ferruggia
Jay Ferruggia

Jay Ferruggia is an elite fitness and mindset coach and a pioneer of underground, warehouse-style gyms using unconventional training methods, opening his Renegade Gym in 1996. He’s consulted for sports teams and corporations, including the New York Jets and Giants, WWE, and SalesForce, and worked as an adviser to LiveStrong and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
He wrote The Hardgainer column in Men’s Fitness for more than a decade and since 2013 he’s hosted the weekly Renegade Radio podcast where he discusses all things fitness and personal development. Follow him on Instagram and X. Visit JasonFerrugia.com or Renegade Radio Podcast.

Jay Ferruggia: How to eat for better performance

Quality training, nutrition and sleep all play make-or-break roles in the pursuit of optimal physical and mental performance.

But for many, procrastinating, over-thinking, and searching for the perfect plan actually takes them further away from their performance and physique goals.

So, is “paralysis by analysis” killing your dreams of building a bigger, stronger and leaner physique, as well as your ambitions of living a fitter, happier and healthier life? Jay Ferruggia thinks so.

Take nutrition, for example. For the hugely respected strength coach, far too many people become fixated on chasing an impossible goal of eating “perfectly”. This obsession ultimately does them far more harm than good, taking them further away from – not closer to – the results they want.

Indeed, as he reveals in the second part of our exclusive Unfiltered interview – watch the first part on how to start telling your own success story – he believes that almost everyone would be better off eating whatever they wanted as long as they were sleeping well, minimising stress and prioritising their mental health.

He also weighs in on the current trend of “bio-hacks”, and explains why focusing your efforts on tiny 0.1% improvements at the expense of the “big rocks” of physical and mental health is likely to take years off your actual healthspan, rather than adding years to your potential lifespan.

He also reveals his tried-and-tested approach of how to train smarter, especially as you get older, to keep the positive results coming without risking injury or other setbacks that derail progress. And don’t miss his video on how you can better cope with stress to take back control of your health and happiness to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Jay Ferruggia: You need to train smart, not just hard

Jay Ferruggia: How to stress less to lead a happier life

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