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Whistleblower: “I taught lies in medical school”

In an Unfiltered exclusive, Dr Robert Lufkin reveals the lies he taught to students in medical school. Lies driven by the medical community’s cosy relationship with big Pharma that he claims is harming the health of patients
Dr Robert Lufkin, MD
Dr Robert Lufkin, MD

Dr Robert Lufkin, MD, is Adjunct Clinical Professor of Radiology at the USC Keck School of Medicine. He is a former medical school professor at the UCLA and USC Schools of Medicine and the author of “The Lies I Taught in Medical School”. Follow him on Instagram and X. Visit robertlufkinmd.com.

Dr Robert Lufkin: “I taught lies when a medical school professor”

To say that there is a lack of trust in the established practices of western medicine is something of an understatement. Since the rise of social media you don’t have to search very far to find a significant number of widely followed and well-credentialed experts highly critical of modern medical methodology, or who claim that much of the accepted understanding, teaching and treatment of almost all health ailments are fundamentally wrong, and even go against the “first, do no harm” central tenet of the Hippocratic oath.

Some of main areas of medicine in the firing line are the current efforts to cure dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases; ignoring potential therapeutic nutritional strategies, such as ketogenic diets or the carnivore diet to combat chronic illness where traditional remedies have failed; and even whether novel attempts to dramatically extend human lifespan should be encouraged or curtailed.

Yet no subject draws the level of clamour, controversy and conspiracy than the discourse around the impact of the food we eat on our weight, and whether government-issued guidelines on exactly what we should eat, and how much, are actually causing the widespread obesity epidemic, instead of solving it.

One of the most vocal critics of our long-standing dietary recommendations is Dr Robert Lufkin, MD, a former professor in world-leading medical research and teaching institutes. He believes much of what he taught his students was wrong and is so convinced he’s right he’s written a book “The Lies I Taught In Medical School” to document the error of his ways – and the make his case for why the next generation of med school students, who will ultimately become our doctors of the future, deserve a better and more accurate education.

In our exclusive interview, Dr Lufkin explains the biggest lies he believes he taught, why he told them, and what damage he thinks the “miseducation” of young doctors has had on American society.

And in a wide-ranging conversation he also discussed the role Big Tobacco has in creating the “fast food nations” in which many of us now live and the impact it’s had on our health; whether we can ever combat Big Food, Big Pharma, and other hugely wealthy and influential interest groups to turn the tide in the war against obesity; why the fastest way to start an argument online is to post about nutrition, and much more.

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