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What is Unfiltered?

Unfiltered exists to give you the advice and inspiration you need to optimise any aspect of your life

Unfiltered is where you go to get advice and opinion from the world’s greatest coaches, academics and entrepreneurs that will help you Live Smarter.

Living Smarter means using insights from people at the top of their game that will enhance every aspect of your life, whether that’s wellness, work or personal relationships.

It’s about taking hard-won knowledge from the world’s finest minds and applying it to how you live your life so you can be healthier, happier and more successful. 

We’ll focus exclusively on people worth listening to and we’ll give you actionable advice that has a real impact. No listicles. No clickbait. Just great quality information you won’t find anywhere else.  

The future starts now

We’re also going to explore the greatest era of health and wellness innovation the world has ever known. 

We’re living through a period of unprecedented breakthroughs in science and tech and we want to be your trusted source in changing times. 

We also want to look at how advances in health and wellness intersect with the drivers of the modern world – technology, business and politics – so you can make informed decisions that benefit you and the people you love. 

We’ll do that by asking challenging questions, tackling difficult subjects, sparking debate and provoking thought. 

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You’ve already discovered the Unfiltered website and that’s where you’ll find all of our exclusive films and features. You can also access them on other platforms so you can select the one that suits you. 

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The Unfiltered podcast is also available on Apple’s podcast platform. 

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Join the conversation

We made Unfiltered because we wanted to give you information you can’t get anywhere else. We wanted to cut through the bullsh*t and give you a real, raw and honest account of how things are. 

We want to ignite a conversation and we want you to be part of that conversation. We want to know what you think, who you want us to speak to and what you want us to ask. We’ve made Unfiltered for you. Now we want to make it with you. 

You can contact our editor-in-chief Joe Warner directly with your feedback, thoughts and suggestions at [email protected].

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