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Shaun Stafford: You can’t build a body or a business without huge sacrifice

The two-time WBFF physique world champion reveals why building a successful business is just like building an award-winning body, why online coaching will never replace personal training, how he bounced back from losing 90% of his social media audience, and how he maintains his shredded “dadbod” on just two hours of gym training per week
Shaun Stafford
Shaun Stafford

Shaun Stafford is a two-time WBFF Physique world champion, founder and managing director of personal training gyms City Athletic, international cover model, Ghost supplement ambassador, and online coach. He lives in London. Follow Shaun on Instagram and YouTube. Visit ShaunStaffordFit.com.

Shaun Stafford: I maintain my “dadbod” on two workouts per week

“How do I introduce myself? It depends who I’m talking to and what I want to get out the conversation!” When you wear as many hats as Shaun Stafford it can be tricky to succinctly summarise exactly what it is you do.

Of course, there’s the body. A two-time WBFF Physique world champion, Stafford will always be known for a muscular and lean body that’s graced multiple magazine covers and advertisements for sports nutrition supplement brands (he represented Reflex Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition and currently Ghost).

But there’s the brain as well as the brawn. As founder and managing director of London-based personal training gym City Athletic, Stafford has proved he can build a successful business as well as a show-stopping body.

In the first part of our exclusive interview, Stafford reveals how he maintains his cover model body despite the rigorous demands of running a growing business as well as raising two growing boys, and details how he bounced back from losing almost all of his social media reach – and significant monthly revenue – when Instagram updated its algorithm.

He also explains why so many fitness models and competitors with world-class physiques struggle with mental health issues related to unhappiness with their bodies, and details the huge sacrifices required to build an incredible physique that make bodybuilding the most selfish sport on the planet.

Shaun Stafford: I lost 90% of my online audience

Stafford reveals how he bounced backed from a change to the Instragram algorithm that slashed his online audience, reach and impact by more than 90%, and where he draws that line on content creation despite it costing him money.

Shaun Stafford: Body image issues are inevitable with elite physiques

Stafford explains why so many professional bodybuilders struggle with body dysmorphia and other mental health issues, despite having the perfect physique.

Shaun Stafford: No sport is more selfish than bodybuilding

Stafford opens up on the rarely acknowledged negatives of being a professional physique athlete, including sacrificing time with friends and family, and the enormous strain it can put on your partner, and how selfish you have to be to succeed.

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