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Renaissance Periodization founder Nick Shaw on how to unlock your growth potential

The founder and CEO of pioneering training and nutrition company Renaissance Periodization shares the secrets of his success, including why everything he and the business does is rooted in an evidence-based approach. He also reveals the inside track on RP Strength’s soaring social media popularity and details how you can unlock your own growth and positivity mindset to achieve success not just in the gym, but every part of your life
Nick Shaw
Nick Shaw

Nick Shaw is the co-founder and CEO of Renaissance Periodization (RP), an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and the author of “Fit for Success”. He has helped coach numerous world-class athletes including CrossFit Games champions, international medalists in weightlifting, UFC fighters, Olympians and Navy Seals. Follow him on Instagram. Visit rpstrength.com.

Nick Shaw: How to channel the mindset of success

Do you want to unlock the secrets of elite performance and discover the mindset that fuels champions and business leaders? 
Then you need to listen to Nick Shaw.

Over the past decade Shaw, the co-founder and CEO of Renaissance Periodization (RP Strength) has transformed RP Strength from a niche service into a powerhouse in the fitness and nutrition world, recently experiencing explosive subscriber growth on YouTube and other social media platforms, including Instagram.

Shaw’s journey began as a high school athlete, followed by a degree at the University of Michigan during which he first entered competitive powerlifting and bodybuilding events. This led to the founding of Renaissance Periodization, enabling Shaw to combine his athletic background with a passion for evidence-based fitness coaching. 
RP’s unique model includes highly credentialed coaches – almost all with PhDs – who also compete or have competed in high level athletic competition. Not to be outdone, Shaw’s own efforts have not only earned him an IFBB Pro card but have also positioned him as a coach to world-class athletes, including CrossFit Games champions, Olympians, UFC fighters, and Navy SEALs. 
The recent growth of RP Strength, particularly on YouTube, underscores Shaw’s impressive ability to recognise talent and connect with a wide audience. In an industry saturated with dodgy influencers, pseudoscience and competing content, Renaissance Periodization has not only managed to stand out, but also to bring evidence-based health and fitness content to the masses.
Shaw’s philosophy, detailed in his book “Fit For Success”, revolves around principles such as hard work, maintaining a positive mindset and an internal locus of control, all combined with relentless consistency. In the book, Shaw emphasises that success stems from consistent effort and a strong work ethic. These principles are not just theoretical; they are woven into the fabric of RP Strength’s coaching and content, providing a robust foundation for its success.
Moreover Shaw’s resilience, particularly highlighted during his wife Lori’s battle with breast cancer, adds a profound human element to his professional narrative. This experience has reinforced his commitment to helping others navigate their health and fitness journeys, regardless of the different challenges they face. Always eager to give credit to and help others achieve success, Shaw has established a scholarship for Kinesiology students at the University of Michigan, with ambitious plans to expand Renaissance Periodization’s educational and charitable contributions.
Shaw’s ability to merge elite athletic coaching with accessible, evidence-based fitness solutions has made RP Strength a beacon in the health and fitness industry. For anyone looking to understand the dynamics of fitness success or seeking inspiration to overcome personal and professional hurdles, Shaw’s insights and the rapid ascent of RP Strength tell a fascinating and compelling story.

Listen to the Unfiltered Extra podcast with RP’s Nick Shaw on Spotify

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