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Liv Boeree: AI is an existential threat to humanity unless we act now

The Win-Win podcast host and co-founder of Raising for Effective Giving, reveals how the intractable rise of Artificial Intelligence is a genuine threat to the survival of our species and the planet, what’s happening behind the scenes that’s causing her such concern, and details the worst-case scenario if a synchronised solution from governments and Silicon Valley can’t be found
Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree is host of the Win-Win podcast, former professional poker player, science broadcaster, and co-founder of Raising for Effective Giving. She lives in Austin, Texas. Follow her on X and Instagram. Visit livboeree.com.

Liv Boeree: AI could wipe out humanity

Just how big a threat does the rise of Artificial Intelligence pose to the future of humanity? If you listen to people closest to these rapidly emerging technologies then you should be afraid. Very afraid.

One such expert is Liv Boeree, the host of the Win-Win podcast, science broadcaster, World Series of Poker champion, and co-founder of Raising for Effective Giving.

In our exclusive interview, Boeree details why she believes the next two decades are – by some distance – the most dangerous time for our species since we climbed down from the trees and took our first steps on the savanna.

She reveals her conversations with various AI technicians working behind the scenes on the technology and how every single one of them has confided their grave concerns over the potential catastrophic capabilities of AI’s intractable power and influence if its current growth trajectory continues unchecked.

And she also details her fears for the future of our species, and the planet, if AI is allowed to continue its meteoric rise into every aspect of our lives without any oversight, limitations or jurisdiction.

Boeree then outlines what she believes need to happen – and soon – in a co-ordinated strategy of governments and corporations – to guarantee the safety of our species and ensure AI becomes the life-extending and existence-enhancing technology we want, and not the totalitarian paper-clip maker of our worst nightmares.

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