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Jay Alderton: The secret to my social media success

The social media superstar and podcast host on his lightbulb moment that led to a million-plus following, how you can increase your online audience, and his tried-and-tested advice for dealing with Instagram grifters
Jay Alderton
Jay Alderton

Jay Alderton is a social media influencer and host of the Mindset with Muscle podcast. A former soldier, bodybuilder, physique athlete and cover model, he has amassed more than 1.5 million followers on social media through his message around positive thinking and health and fitness, with a mantra of a body “transformation starts from the neck up”. Follow him on Instagram and TikTok. Visit Mindset With Muscle.


How I built a million-plus online audience

British army soldier. Physique athlete. Cover model. Personal trainer. Online coach. Gym owner. Author. Broadcaster. Social media superstar. If Jay Alderton had a business card that listed his career roles it wouldn’t fit in his wallet.

In a remarkable and varied professional journey, completed with unfathomable highs and heart-breaking lows, Alderton has developed a unique online voice to distill the lessons he’s learnt – many of which the hard way – into affirmative and actionable advice for his legion of followers.

In an Unfiltered exclusive interview, he reveals the light-bulb moment that illuminated his path towards becoming one of the UK’s most successful social media influencers and how he uses his platform to help millions of people become the best versions of themselves possible.

Alderton also gives his expert advice on how you can increase your online audience and reach to further your personal and professional goals, and details his mental-health-sparring strategy for dealing with the social media charlatans, fraudsters and grifters who want to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

How you can build influence online

“Social media scammers? Mute or unfollow”

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