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Ian Marber: What everyone gets wrong about nutrition

The esteemed nutritional consultant and best-selling author who has helped tens of thousands of clients over the past 20 years reveals his tried-and-tested advice on how you can make better and more informed decisions about what to eat and when, how you can ignore the hype around the next generation of supplements, and how you can forge a healthier and happier relationship with food
Ian Marber
Ian Marber

Ian Marber is a nutrition therapist and consultant and best-selling author. Widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading experts, advocating for evidence-based approaches to diet and health, Ian has helped tens of thousands of clients forge a healthier relationship to food. He has written many popular books on nutrition, including “The Food Doctor Diet”, “How Not To Get Fat”, and most recently “Man Food.” Follow him on Twitter/X. Visit ianmarber.com.

Ian Marber: The diet mistakes everyone makes!

It’s said that the fastest way to start an argument online is to post about politics. But talking about nutrition can’t be too far behind in what’s most likely to annoy, rankle and infuriate anyone who comes into contact with your comment, however innocent or innocuous you think it is.

Much like politics, and many other matters in the modern world, nutrition and, by extension supplementation, have become tribal topics, with specific approaches to eating now subject to a fierce and impassioned championing or evisceration by highly vocal minorities, who believe one dietary approach as not only nutritionally, but also morally, superior to all others.

One man who has seen countless nutritional trends, fads and crazes come and go over the years – remember raspberry ketones, anyone? – is Ian Marber, one of the most respected and established voices of cool, calm and collected insight into all aspects of food, eating and nutrition.

In an entertaining and common sense-resetting conversation with Unfiltered editor-in-chief Joe Warner, Ian details his rigorously analytical approach to dietary advice, acquired through decades of experience with thousands of clients, that cuts through the prevalent myths and misconceptions that often muddy the water of the surprisingly straight-forward nutritional sciences.

And in an important reminder of the many nuanced roles eating plays in our life aside from providing energy and nutrition, specifically in providing the social glue that strengthens and deepens our most important connections, Ian explains how you can forge a healthier and happier relationship with food.

Whether want to improve your diet, elevate your nutritional knowledge, or make better and more informed decisions about the food you eat, Ian Marber is the voice of reason in an increasingly noisy, unhinged and polemic diet-focused world.

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