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Don’t let jet lag ruin your next adventure

The debilitating effects of jet lag can ruin a hard-earned holiday or decisive business trip with soul-crushing force. But you needn’t suffer the ill-effects of time zone travel ever again if you follow the tips, first tried-and-tested with the US military’s elite fighting forces, from Andrew Herr, founder and CEO of wellness concierge service Fount
Andrew Herr
Andrew Herr

Andrew Herr is the founder and CEO of performance concierge service Fount and a leader in human performance optimisation. He has worked with elite athletes and the US military, where he spearheaded groundbreaking biotech and human performance studies. Follow him on X. Visit fount.bio.

Never suffer jet lag again!

Jet lag, that unwelcome companion of the long-haul traveler, is more than just a minor inconvenience; it’s a profound disruption to your body’s internal clock that can turn a dream break or critical business trip into a nightmare.

At its core, jet lag occurs when your circadian rhythm – the internal processes that regulates your sleep-wake cycle – are thrown out of sync with the local time at your destination.

The result? Fatigue, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, and even digestive issues, painting a bleak picture for anyone trying to enjoy a well-earned holiday or perform at their best in meetings or other professional work.

The impact of jet lag on the body can feel akin to a heavy fog settling over your mind and limbs, with each step and thought seemingly encumbered by a weight that wasn’t there before.

It’s an experience that can sour the start of any trip and linger like a shadow as you try to adapt to a new time zone. But what if there were ways to lift this fog, to step off the plane as if the journey had been no more taxing than a short drive?

Enter Andrew Herr, a former human performance advisor at the Pentagon and now founder and CEO of Fount, a wellness concierge service that promises a revolutionary approach to eliminating jet lag.

Herr, leveraging his expertise in human performance and physiology, offers insights that could change the way we travel.

In our exclusive Unfiltered interview, Herr reveals not just the science behind why we experience jet lag, but practical, actionable strategies that anyone can use to avoid it, ensuring that you can land with your best foot forward, ready to explore or execute business strategies without missing a beat.

For anyone who’s ever felt the grip of jet lag’s disorienting effects, this interview is not just a conversation; it’s a key to unlocking travel as it should be: exciting, productive, and, above all, enjoyable.

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