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UKActive’s Dave Wright: Politicians are paying lip service to the obesity crisis

The Myzone CEO and UKActive director is taking the fight to Westminster and Washington to force our elected representatives to take meaningful action against the obesity crisis - and it’s a battle he’s convinced we will win
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Dave Wright
Dave Wright

Dave Wright is the founder and CEO of MyZone, a HRM hardware and software solution to track and reward physical activity, and board member of ukactive, the not-for-profit industry association promoting the interests of commercial fitness gyms and community leisure centres. He lives in Nottingham, England. Visit myzone.org and ukactive.com.

Westminster and Washington are hypocrites over health

Dave Wright, as you can tell from the first five seconds of our video interview, is a straight-talking and passionate Australian who has been a vocal and impactful supporter of the fitness industry for more than three decades.

A serial entrepreneur – he is the founder and CEO of Myzone; the owner and CEO of Creative Fitness Marketing; and the co-owner of the Voyage Fitness brand in Australia – and board director of ukactive, the not-for-profit fitness industry association, he has a unique ability of understanding the industry from all angles and a unique voice to lobby our elected officials when he believes they’re neglecting their duties.

And it’s fair to say he’s not been best pleased with the response he’s had from politicians in both Westminster and Washington to his demands for government to act now to tackle the obesity epidemic that threatens to cripple national healthcare systems. But just because he doesn’t like what he’s hearing, he has no intention of shutting up until he gets what he wants.

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