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Health at every size obesity plus size models

Is the Health At Every Size movement harming the people it’s trying to help?

Browse ‘health at every size’ on social media and you will soon see why this weight-inclusive movement attracts such frenzied debate. There is certainly much to admire about an approach which rejects weight-loss goals; invites a broader view of health; promotes enjoyable physical movement for people of all sizes; fights weight stigma; champions inclusive access…

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Christopher Snowdon nanny state IEA spectator libertarian

Christopher Snowdon: The nanny state narrative won’t fix obesity

The question I am asked most often when doing TV and radio interviews is “so what’s your solution to obesity?” The question invariably comes after I have been pooh-poohing a nanny state proposal designed to interfere with the food supply. Leaving aside medical interventions such as bariatric surgery and semaglutide, my solution to obesity is…

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